Salad Day Celebration

Salad Day was celebrated at Kids’ Pride the best pre-primary school in Jaipur to explain the importance of green vegetables to the students. Students enjoyed making salads and learned the significance of eating healthy food as well.

Children brought varieties of fruits & vegetables, along with their teacher they made fruit salad and sang the rhyme with great zest and enthusiasm. The tiny tots also learned more about the taste,, color and texture of each fruit & vegetable. Children relished their participation and understood the importance of eating fruits & vegetables.

To create an awareness among the tiny tots and parents about the importance of consumption of fruits & vegetables, Kids’ Pride the best kids school in Jaipur celebrated the salad day. The program was a part of the novel method of familiarizing children with fruits & vegetables and making them understand that fruits & vegetables are an essential part of the daily meal. Also, the winners for the best salad presentation were awarded. The kids enjoyed the moments of joy and happiness on this special day.

Through this activity, students understood that every grain of food is important. The message of unity, acceptance, sharing and working together was also conveyed. It was a great learning and bonding experience for all of the students. It was a fun-filled activity, which will be relished by all students of kids’ pride the best play school in Jaipur.

Salad day was celebrated in kids’ pride to explain the importance of eating salad as well as healthy food.

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