Mangolicious Day Celebration

It was a sweet juicy morning for the tiny tots of Kids’ Pride Play School, when the students of Pre-school, Pre-primary, and class I delightfully joined the online session in order to celebrate this day. Children had pinned up the mango-shaped badges to honor the cause and we’re excited to make it memorable for themselves.

The day started with a general conversation about the king of fruits- Mango, followed by rhymes and a singing session which the kids enjoyed thoroughly.
Teachers briefed the students about its being the king of fruits, not only for its taste and fleshy yellow colour but also, for the nutrients it offers like- vitamin C and vitamin-A. This fibrous fruit boosts our digestive system and prevents us from getting heatstroke. They were also told about the various forms of its consumption such as mango shake, ice cream, jam, pickle, chutney etc.

The little CHEFS enjoyed the kitchenette activity and prepared the mango milkshake which they relished after having their meal.

In the end, the children’s immense pleasure in their hearts and this event will be cherished in their little minds for a long time.

Here are some pics of the celebration.




Class 1