Photography Project – Happening in a Nursery Near You!

Photography For Kids: What Kids Learn When They’re Behind The Camera

Thanks to smartphone and tablet apps, many kids are getting behind a camera earlier than ever before.

Selfies and snapshots are fun, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Many parents find that photography—from backyard panoramas to family portraits to still-life compositions—gives kids a whole new way to see the world.

“Photography, in some ways, has become a modern-day extension of how we interact and communicate with others,”

For some kids, taking digital pictures on a camera, tablet or phone can be a way to share cool things that have happened or places they have been with friends and family. For others, photography can be a way to express their creativity.

“Photography can help develop a child’s voice, vision and identity as it pertains to their family, friends and community,”. It can also strengthen connections between visual and other forms of expression.