Lohri And Makar Sankranti Celebration At Kids’ Pride School

Celebration of festival is also an art and when this celebration is with the best kids school in jaipur, it becomes all the more fun-filled as to how you celebrate it with them. India has a rich heritage and history. With this, there are festivals which are associated to Indian culture, tradition and history. Just followed by the English new year, India as a nation celebrates Lohri, Makar Sankranti and Pongal in the month of January all in a line. It is not just important that we celebrate all these with the child but it is also necessary to tell them why these festivals are celebrated and why are they important. With this, a child must be taught to hold love and respect for festivals of all religions and cultures to grow up as a human being who gels with the community they are to face in future.

Kids’ Pride School the best play school in jaipur, celebrated Lohri & Makkar Sankranti with great gusto and enthusiasm. A number of fun filled activities spread over a period of 1 day was organized for all classes.

The merriment began with an interactive session wherein students were enlightened about the importance of these festivals through a video. Students further shared the celebration of these festivals, sharing their views with one another. They had a gala time as they tapped their feet on Punjabi songs. They also showcased their innovative and artistic sides by making kites in vibrant and glittering colours. Last but not the least they shared gajak, peanuts, popcorn and rewri as a way of paying gratitude to nature’s bounty. Best primary school in jaipur

Kids and teachers gathered around the fire to celebrate the festival….. the whole school was decorated with cultural theme. Kids were made aware about the significance of these festival. Best pre school in jaipur