Fancy Dress Competition

Children came dressed up in their colourful costumes and spoke about the fruit/ vegetable they depicted. The effort and hard work of children and the parents were highly commendable.

Students displayed their talents on the theme ‘Fruits and Vegetables’. They came dressed as mango, apple, brinjal, carrot, strawberry etc and emphasized upon their need and importance in making our lives healthy.

Three winners from each class were selected and got I, II and III Prize respectively. The competition proved to be great learning experience for the students and gave them a platform to explore their hidden talents

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It is full of excitement and joy when it is time to dress up your kid for fancy dress competitions or a fancy-dress day at his or her school. Nowadays many preschools also organize fancy dress competitions for nursery kids. These fancy-dress competitions not only make a kid happy and excited but also imparts him or her some useful knowledge based on that fancy dress themes.

There are many fancy dress competition ideas to choose from. Whether it is a school competition, or it is for a cultural club, you can choose from the following list of Fancy Dress Ideas.

Parents, biggest fancy dress competition is just round the corner! Dressing up your little ones can be a joy. It is all the more exciting when you get to dress your children in a special costume. Fancy dress costumes for