Spring Season

Spring season is known as nature’s youth, as the weather fluctuates between the chill winters and hot summers.

It is the season of new birth, rejuvenation, and new beginnings. During this season, trees and plants bloom with flowers and green leaves. Additionally, the spring season unveils the fun and excitement of various festivals.

The below-mentioned ten lines will help you formulate paragraph writings and essays about the spring season.

Spring Season Essay for Students and Children | 500+ Words Essay

Some Amazing Facts about Spring Season

  • Spring is the season which arrives after winter and before summer season.
  • During spring season, days become bit longer and weather becomes pleasant.
  • Spring season occurs from start of February till mid of April.
  • Spring season gives relief after the three months of spine chilling winters.
  • During spring season, various flowers bloom and make the environment covered with greenery and beauty.
  • People start to wear lighter cloths after the long period of chilling winter season.
  • During spring season, children love to fly kites as the weather is nice and sunshine is pleasant.
  • Spring season also marks the arrival of cuckoo birds singing in her sweet and melodious voice.
  • Happiness is spread everywhere during spring season giving positive and creative thinking.
  • Spring season also gives energy to our body to start new things with great confidence.