Winter Season

Winter Season is the four month period from December to March in India. It is the coldest season of the year.

The atmosphere during winter season changes drastically compared to other seasons as we witness snowfall, cold rains, thick fog and sudden drop in temperature.

The cold wind blows at a very high speed and the day becomes shorter in winter season. Atmosphere becomes dry and cold during winter as it receives less sunlight because of the thick clouds in the sky.

Some Fact about winter-season

  • Winter is the coldest of all seasons.
  • The winter season in India lasts from November to January.
  • During this time cold winds blow from the north side.
  • Everyone wears warm clothes like jackets and swatters.
  • People wear quilts and blankets to avoid the cold at night.
  • Street people burn bonfire to avoid cold.
  • The school opening hours are late in the winter.
  • Christmas and New Year also fall in winter.
  • In winter people also like to sunbathe very much.
  • Fruits and vegetables are also more prevalent during the winter season.