Respect Your Parents

Like every other human being on Earth, parents crave love and deserve respect.
To bring a child to life, the mother goes through sleepless nights, uncomfortable mornings and excruciating birth pains.

After all this, she calls her child her “crowning glory”. As the child grows up, she feeds, bathes and dresses them and carries them in her arms. The father has many sleepless nights, too.

He supports the mother and takes care of the child like a superhero. He does everything in his power to ensure that his child has better chances in life than he had.

Ways to Respect Parents

1. Develop a positive attitude toward your parents.

When children read about the reasons why parents deserve respect, they may feel that this does not apply to them because their parents are different. Maybe this is true, or maybe this is what everybody feels.

Parents never plan to have a bad relationship with their children. Things can go wrong, however, especially since parenting is one of the toughest things to do. When you create positive thoughts about your parents, you will be more likely to respect and love them.

2. Don’t bring up bad memories.

Parents may make decisions for their children, scream at them or even abuse them. You might be someone who has been there. But today, you are probably reading this because you have at least partly forgiven them. Bringing up bad memories will only make your relationship with your parents bitter.

3. Make them your priority.

You were your parents’ priority once (and still are). Maybe your mother left her job to look after you or worked extra hours to invest in your education. Since the day you were born, her decisions were based around you. It’s time for you to return the favour.

4. Consider their point of view.

Try to see things from their perspective and understand where they are coming from. Their life experience is different from yours, and so are their decisions. Humble yourself to them by trying to comprehend their reasons.

5. Calm them down when they are angry.

Be tolerant of your parents when they are in a bad mood and try not to upset them. Even if you feel tense, try to restrain yourself and avoid saying bad things. With age, your parents may become capricious. Do not pay attention to what they are saying if they are only speaking out of anger.

6. If you disagree with them, don’t be rude about it.

You might not agree with many of your parents’ opinions, and you might be right. However, you don’t have to make a point by loudly disagreeing with them. You can still hear them out and then make your own decisions. Good communication can bridge the generation gap between you and your parents.

7. Give—and do—your parents credit.

Any time you win a competition or succeed with a project, remember that you had lots of help along the way, starting with your parents. Our parents teach us essential skills for life. One way to show your gratitude is by giving them credit and doing them credit with your accomplishments. Let them feel proud of raising you to be a successful individual.

8. Avoid changing the subject during a conversation.

Focus and enjoy each conversation you have with your parents; their words are important. There will come a time when you’ll long to hear their voice, their words—anything, even if it is meaningless—but all you’ll have left is memories.

9. Stay away from phones in their presence.

You hate it when your friends are constantly on the phone while you’re spending time together, don’t you? If you wouldn’t take a call in front of your professor or boss, then you shouldn’t do so in front of your parents, either.

10. Give them your full attention.

While they speak, listen attentively and participate in the conversation. They will feel more connected with you when you do this.