Glorious Moments For Kids’ Pride

Last year was nothing short of a roller coaster ride. The impact of the pandemic was felt across all segments. Education sector could assess monetary loss, but nobody accounted for its impact on children, especially during their growth years. During the pandemic, as the schools were closed down and the situation worsened day by day, the biggest challenge was what best could be done for our kids as we were into the Playschool segment with the 2-5 years age group kids. It was not easy for the kids to attend online classes and sit before the screen for even a few minutes. To stay connected with the kids and keep them engaged in the learning process was a very challenging task. We all were going through this unexpected phase for the first time.

The foundation of Kids Pride was built on the passion to nurture young lives. Hence nothing could deter us. We had problems at hand and they needed to be solved. Nobody had ever expected such an unprecedented situation, but proud to say Kids Pride school was rapid in responding to the situation and came out with a widely appreciated solution that made the kids and their parents comfortable. We at first started preparing the videos and worksheets which we began sharing at our school WhatsApp group. Then we realized that small kids would be more influenced if their teachers could assess their work, so we were the first in Jaipur to start exchanging notebooks and workbooks weekly. Now the work was being set and checked by the teachers regularly, so it had a significant impact on our kids and their parents.

Keeping in mind that our kids were confined to the four walls of their house, we decided to keep them engaged in some exciting activities, and so we started art, craft, and dance classes online during May and June, and that too without charging any extra fees. Then we came out with very innovative, informative, and interactive online classes. These classes were again very unique and a first of its kind in Jaipur or maybe even Rajasthan. We set up a studio wherein the classes were conducted in such a manner that the kids were spellbound.

At the same time keeping in mind every kid’s convenience, we began to record the online classes and shared them on our website and YouTube channel. We can blindly claim that we could live up to the parents’ expectations and succeeded in delivering the best to our kids by giving it our all.

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