Farewell Ceremony At Murlipura Branch
The Farewell was organized by the students and teachers of class 5th on 22nd February 2020 in Kid’s Pride school where students of class 3rd and 4th Bid farewell to the outgoing students of class 5th with great enthusiasm!
The function began with the recitation of the school prayer. Students gave the welcome speech. The principal of the school, Mrs. Priti Agrawal enlightened the students with her inspirational speech.
Students of class 5th, current batch, presented very interesting skits, group dance and Solo singing performances which entertained the audience to the fullest. The performances were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience!
Many interesting and tricky games were played to pep up the environment. A parting speech was given by one of the students.
Summing up, the day was great, filled with nostalgia and fun and excitement!